Grand Canyon training phase 1!

I’ve been kicking this lighthouse’s rear end!ImageI went up and down 5 times and I plan on doing a whole lot more of this on a weekly basis! I have a lot of work to do if I am going to hike the Grand Canyon this summer! We plan on hiking to the bottom and camping. Therefore we will have packs on our backs! Phase 1 is only the beginning of my training, getting strong enough to carry a pack! Eventually I will load a little weight at a time into the pack and begin hiking with it. Since I live in Florida, it isn’t like there are mountains to climb… we must get creative!Image

The view from the top makes it well worth the trip! Even after the fifth time! I stopped to take in the view, walk around and take a few pictures.


 Not too shabby… I look forward to coming back and picking up the pace!


Check out The Trip link for our summer plans!


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