Easy Cauliflower Poke Bowl

Making sushi was the highlight of my Whole30 journey, but it was also a lot of work! While I was still craving Asian food, I decided it would be super easy (knowing the tricks I know now) to whip up a poke bowl to help squelch those cravings!

The finished product. So good!
Frozen cauliflower is so easy to prepare!

This is the Whole30 Sushi Rice recipe I used from 40 Aprons when I made my sushi. I used the same one to make the cauliflower rice again. It is so easy and the texture is like sticky rice! But you can prepare it with just salt if you want to keep it really simple!

Such pretty colors!

This bowl contains things I already had in the refrigerator: smoked salmon, avocado, cabbage/kale mix, and cucumber on top of the prepared sushi cauliflower rice.

For the dressing, I mixed 1 tbsp of each: olive oil, coconut aminos, and rice wine vinegar with a little salt and pepper. I tossed the cucumbers in the dressing beforehand and then scooped them out and placed them with the other ingredients on top of the cauliflower in a bowl. Lastly, I poured the leftover dressing over everything. Then I dug in! It was even better than expected!

There are so many things you can add to a poke bowl! And now that I have the cauliflower rice down, I’ll be making this again with different ingredients! It’s easy to keep it Whole30 and delicious.


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