Whole30 Mayo Creations

One thing that’s particularly challenging about the Whole30 is not being able to use most of the condiments in your refrigerator!

Mayonnaise is used for all kinds of recipes and can be a base for a lot of condiments. I did not follow the directions well the first time I made it (from the Whole30 book’s recipe) and the funny thing is that I spend every day telling my students to follow directions, but I failed to do so! The result was a runny, oily, green tinted mess! But to be fair, the website I found to help me the second time, was far more clear about how to not mess this up! She even uses the words “No-Fail” in her description of this Whole30 Mayo. I’m proud to say that my second attempt (pictured below) looks just like the picture from Cassidy’s Craveable Creations!

This was my second attempt at making mayonaise. This little victory was much needed!

Here are some of my creations from this Whole30 journey:

Chive and caper mayo for dipping

Chive caper mayo was used as the sauce under smoked salmon here! So yummy!

I redisovered chicken salad during the Whole30! And this mayo mixed with curry powder was the key to deliciousness!

My chicken salad contained diced chicken, mayonaise, curry powder, chopped celery, raisins, and chopped raw cashews! The cashews are my favorite ingredient! I made this twice this month and I’ll make it again in the near future! *Note: A lot of people use almonds instead of cashews. 

I like to dip these potato wedges in the best homemade ketchup mixed with Whole30 mayo.
Whole30 mayo was the base for this pink sauce on my yummy sushi!

Tonight I made tuna salad with Whole30 mayo, dijon mustard, diced celery, and diced pickles. It is delicious and I’ll be eating it over lettuce for lunch tomorrow!

Hope you succeed at making the Whole30 mayo and enjoy it as much as I have!


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