Homemade Larabar Yumm!

Not quite as pretty as Bakerita’s but much better than my first try!

The first time I attempted to make LARABARs, I was pretty much just guessing on measurements based on the label for my favorite flavor: Blueberry Muffin.

First of all, I started with the wrong device. So, after the Ninja failed me, I had to transfer all of the ingredients to a smaller food processor. I mixed blueberries, cashews, apples, and dates as seen below:


The result was a very sticky mixture that contained far too much liquid. Dried apples would have helped immensely! But of course, nothing goes to waste on the Whole30! Therefore, I put them into ice-cube trays and enjoyed them whenever I had a break and could visit the teacher’s lounge at work. *They were not pretty enough for a picture. 🤣

For my second attempt, I found a recipe online! And they turned out wonderfully! This one was for Homemade Apple Pie Larabars by Bakerita.com. It’s very simple and similar to what I tried before but with more nuts and dried apples this time. Cinnamon is also involved! I recommend giving them a try! I am able to keep these at work in my desk drawer for emergency cravings.


I recommend rolling the mix out between parchment paper and then using a pizza cutter to slice it into whatever size you’d like. Mine are cut a little smaller than usual Larabars but this is the snack size I prefer.

I then wrapped them in small squares of parchment paper (as seen below) and placed them in a Ziplock bag to bring to work. I believe I got about 12 bars out of this mix. If they were regular Larabar size, you’d probably get 6 – 8 bars.


Bakerita.com had a link to a Homemade Coconut Cream Pie Larabars by TheBigMan’sWorld.com that I am excited to try when I run out of these!


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