Juicing for Pain

Today was a rough one! I would not have made it through the day without my amazing friends. One of which happens to be my coworker and after I was sent home from work today because I was in so much pain, she once again helped me get back to the health food store and motivated me to keep researching alternative medicines.

I ended up at Diane’s Natural Food Market where I purchased the necessary items to make a pain relieving juice. After I left school, I did some research and found this beautiful blog and recipe: So… Let’s Hang Out – Pain Relieving Turmeric Juice. I also researched how to juice without a blender, since I would be using my amazing Ninja, and I learned about Muslin cloth. Fortunately, there was also a Hobby Lobby right next door to Diane’s!

I took all of my materials home and created this beautiful juice! This was a first for me and now I am confident that I can fit juicing into my weekly meal plans.

Here are some photos I took including and one of the ingredients borrowed from So… Let’s Hang Out’s beautiful page:

Ingredients for Juice [borrowed from So… Let’s Hang Out]
Using my amazing Ninja!
Using unbleached muslin to ring out the juice
Look how much it made! I reused this jar and it’s almost full!
I enjoyed a cup over ice!

What an amazing process! Considering the ingredients, I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see all the juice it made. I look forward to doing this again soon! Now I just hope it helps with the pain!

Note: 3 years later, I make this juice all the time, with a real juicer 🙂


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