G.C. Training phase 2

IMG_0013_2Phase 1 involved getting myself moving on a regular basis! So far, so good.

Now, I must push myself harder and try to get stronger. I am also working on carrying my pack on my back. I spent a few outings carrying around a little weight at a time. I am up to 20 lbs and I must say that it is not easy! While hiking, I want to be free to move about as I wish and a large pack is a little restricting. This whole experience is full of so many firsts for me! Travel is nothing new but I have not had to carry supplies since I was a teen at summer camp. Flash forward 10+ years and I have RA!


I digress. The good news is that I am highly motivated to succeed at everything I set my mind upon and this summer trip is no different. In fact it is what keeps me positive when life gives me lemons. Traveling around the US, especially the West, has been a goal of mine for years! The stars have finally alined and it is road trip time!

I’m also very excited about this new bike I purchased to help me get in shape! It is great for riding around town, riding on the beach, or even trying to climb up a hill. Not sure how it will do out west, but I’ve been told it should be just fine!

IMG_0002_2Check out this incredible photo I found of Brice Canyon, Utah. We will be here in June!




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